Visceral Manipulation

  • Identifies and gently releases tissue and organ restrictions
Ancient carving
Ancient carving

Visceral manipulation is an exciting emerging field in hands-on treatment of the human body. Despite its name, it actually works with all of the body’s tissues. It identifies and gently releases tissue and organ restrictions to restore their proper function and movement.

Visceral manipulation appears to be one of the missing pieces in medicine’s approach to healing the body. It is very effective for chronic movement and pain issues, and for problems that have old injury or surgery components to them. It is also effective for identifying and treating problems before they become painful and before irreparable tissue damage has occurred.

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Visceral manipulation (VM) has come from the field of Osteopathy and aims to work with the body to achieve healing rather than imposing changes upon it. It requires a very deep knowledge of anatomy, which allows the practitioner to work with bones, ligaments, fascia, joints, nerves, arteries, organs, (including the heart and brain) and their supporting tissues.

The practitioner is able to assess where, how, and in what order to treat a body’s restrictions. Working on the body’s highest priorities can produce dramatic changes in posture, movement and function, and is efficient for improving or resolving problems in fewer visits.

This approach is effective at finding source causes for problems and it has substantially changed our understanding of where the sources of problems in the body actually come from.


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