Movement Analysis

Musician and singer VJ Hume
Musician and singer VJ Hume

Movement analysis looks at how someone performs a movement or an activity to identify what they are doing well, what body parts are poorly controlled or require extra effort to control, and what parts are not moving properly.

It looks at the relationship between body parts while they are moving and examines coordination, velocity, power, endurance, and fatigue. Movement analysis can identify problems that are not apparent with passive movement testing or medical imaging technology.

The results guide us to areas requiring detailed assessment and helps identify strain patterns that may limit performance. This determines what interventions we need to make and what a person needs to work on to make movement better/ stronger/ faster/ simpler. The goal is for movement to occur with greater ease and less wear and tear.

Learn what this is important for

Movement analysis is important for any movement someone wishes to perform better: from perfecting a tennis serve to playing the violin to getting up out of a chair. Movements that happen very quickly can be video taped and analyzed in slow motion.

Here is a small list of activities to give you the idea:

  • Running
  • Gardening
  • Golf
  • Playing with grandchildren
  • Walking
  • Lifting
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Martial Arts
  • Repetitive work motions

Movement Re-education and Tissue Rebalancing

Passive interventions (i.e. things someone does to you) can be extremely important, but there is no substitute for having your own system generate good quality movement. The body turns off our ability to activate a muscle if its contraction will be harmful to healing tissues or sensitive ones such as nerves or arteries. Even when restrictions or barriers are removed the muscle activation patterns do not necessarily return to ‘normal’ without re-training.

Similarly tissues can become longer or shorter than their ideal lengths. Generally they can be re-balanced but it requires knowledge, effort, and consistency to achieve best results, and nobody and no thing (such as a brace) can do this for you. At BlueWater we have considerable experience in identifying tissue imbalances and coaching people through the process of restoring natural balances.