Movement Re-education and Tissue Balancing

Movement Re-education and Tissue Balancing

Mobilizing techniques are extremely important for helping the mobility of specific tissues but sooner or later your body will need to become good at generating and controlling its own movement. The body must develop good movement and stability patterns.

Our body’s can turn off our ability to activate a muscle if its contraction will be harmful to healing or sensitive tissues such as nerves and arteries. A muscle can also become so over-active in compensation patterns that it becomes difficult to turn it off when it is not needed. When tissue restrictions are removed and compensation patterns are no longer needed, our muscle activation patterns do not necessarily return to ‘normal’ without re-training. At BlueWater Physiotherapy we excel at identifying abnormal movements and their causes, and teach you how to begin restoring normal movement and stability patterns.

Tissues become longer or shorter than their ideal lengths when they are part of compensation patterns and postural faults. Generally the tissues can be re-balanced and restored to their desired lengths but it requires knowledge, effort, and consistency to achieve good results. There is no one and no thing (such as a brace) that can do this for you. These changes must be generated by your own body. We have considerable experience with identifying tissue imbalances and coaching people through the process of restoring natural tissue lengths.

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