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Mountain biking. Literally.

We’ve had tremendous success resolving movement, posture, and pain problems. In addition to treating painful conditions and excelling at movement training we also:

  • Correct movement control faults that damage soft tissues and joints. This is important in general and can help avoid joint replacement surgery.
  • Make delicate adjustments to the position and motion of cranial bones  –  necessary after head and neck trauma that occurs with car accidents, dental work, falls, etc.
  • Treat headaches, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), neck and jaw pain (TMJ).
  • Adjust the muscle and tissue tension asymmetries involved in scoliosis, including single and double curves.
  • Treat areas following surgery (including abdominal and thoracic surgeries, and joint replacements), to restore tissue mobility and glide. This includes surgeries that were performed many years ago.
  • Treat complex injuries.

BlueWater Physiotherapy specializes in eliminating pain and preventing injury. Some of the services you can find at BlueWater Physiotherapy are: