Our Approach

Elite gymnast Jordan Harvie
Elite gymnast Jordan Harvie

My approach ever evolves as I learn more about the body, of healing, and of life.

It is respectful of the intelligence and mystery of the body. I am increasingly sensitive to the subtleties of movement issues, and of the restricted tissues that underpin them.

I feel it is important to find what and where the sources of problems are, but I’m more patient around this than I used to be. Sometimes it takes time and peeling off some layers of trauma and dysfunction before a problem’s full nature reveals itself. Sometimes problems are bigger than expected, and sometimes they are straightforward and accessible right from the start.

My approach includes paying attention to things not often looked at elsewhere, and this is where I frequently find the source of problems or a key piece that has been preventing progress. Most of this is deep anatomy, like organs and arteries, while some of it is energetic, or the flow of fluids such as lymph. Emotions also affect tissue tension. All our anatomy is supposed to move freely through a certain range of motion. Traumas of all kinds mess this up.

The hands-on techniques are slow and gentle, but the changes are potent. Wherever possible I teach people how to release restrictions in superficial tissues on their own, speeding recovery, and cultivating some life-long tools for looking after our selves.

I’ve learned certain things are necessary for healing to occur, and these are difficult to describe gracefully. Foremost though, is everyone must feel safe. The relationship between a client and practitioner is crucial, and requires abundant mutual trust. People also need to have enough internal resources to heal. Sometimes we are so depleted that we have difficulty holding and integrating change.

Building stability that is instantly adjustable across all situations is of great importance in the big picture. It involves the core, breathing, alignment, and movement. This part can be really fun, moving us towards moving and aging gracefully. It also reduces wear and tear on our parts, builds strength, and creates the marvelous feeling of being stable and balanced.

It is a different approach. Thankfully. It’s more leading edge than old school. Most people respond really well and love the results they achieve, and they refer their friends and family. I am very thankful for having wonderful clients, and their patience and trust.