Our Approach

Elite gymnast Jordan Harvie

Elite gymnast Jordan Harvie

We recognize that you and your body are unique, as well as complex – and that every problem requires a unique solution. Our methods and practices have developed around this belief, and from having received therapy as well as provided it. We have developed a high-level of skill and have a lot of experience, knowledge, expertise . . . . . . .valuable, creative, knowledge-hungry mindset.

We recognize the importance of the assessment process. Finding and treating the root causes of problems leads to meaningful results, faster. We believe that one-on-one interactions, hands–on interventions, intelligent exercise, and education create the best results.

As a result our treatment sessions are longer and are generally spaced farther apart than you may have experienced in the past. We emphasize developing good-quality movement patterns and learning how to look after your own body. All treatment sessions and communications are private and confidential. We strive to maintain the highest ethical and practice standards.

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