About Jeff

Jeff Harvie


Jeff earned degrees with honours in Biology (1990) and Physical therapy (1993) from the University of Saskatchewan. His career has taken him throughout Canada and around the world.

He has developed a keen sense for movement evaluation and source-problem identification, and continues to train with advanced practitioners in the fields of movement control, structural bodywork, energy medicine, and exercise physiology. He is recognized as a leader in injury prevention.

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Jeff has held senior positions at prestigious international facilities such as the Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation in Warm Springs, Georgia, and the King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

He is a certified clinical instructor for Physical Therapy students and mentors graduates in developing hands-on and critical thinking skills. He has developed and taught innovative wellness programs, and has worked with athletes, teams, and performing artists.

He founded BlueWater Physiotherapy in 2001 with a vision to improve patient’s experiences and outcomes with physiotherapy, and a desire to provide world-class physiotherapy services. He is a certified Cranial Sacral Therapy practitioner and maintains a passion for learning about how the body works and how it heals.